viernes, 16 de marzo de 2018

Autodesk SketchBook for Galaxy v3.2.0 Full APK

SketchBook for Galaxy is a professional-grade paint and drawing application designed for everyone who loves to draw. With the same paint engine as the SketchBook Pro desktop software, SketchBook for Galaxy delivers fluid pencils and sophisticated brushes in a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Capture everything from our smallest doodles to your biggest ideas all in one place with SketchBook for Galaxy.

•Create large canvases (up to 8 MP on selected devices)
•Dynamic flood fill tools with solid, linear, and radial gradients with complete control of the fills.
• Selection tools - Select, manipulate and draw within specific parts of your image.
•Dynamic symmetry
•Comprehensive Brush Library with handful preset brushes for you to customize
•Multiple manageable layers
•Use 18 different blend modes to beautifully enhance and color boost your images.
•Gallery to store and organize sketches
•Automatic save enabled
•Copic Color Library
•Customizable UI
•Full multi-touch support
•Pen Only Mode (For devices supporting Pen input)
•Pen Pressure sensitivity
•Share your art directly from inside SketchBook to Pen.Up
•Browse the Autodesk-SketchBook group Pen.Up

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